What are the precautions to take before investing in real estate in Mauritius ?

What are the precautions to take before investing in real estate in Mauritius ?

Any real estate investment requires caution and certain precautions to be taken to secure this operation. While taxation is an important issue when investing, it is also important to consider the profitability of the transaction, its consequences on your wealth, the remittance of money… etc. And this is even more true when investing abroad. In this particular case, it is imperative to find out about the conditions set by the country’s government, the rules to be respected and the agreements in force. And this applies in particular to an investment in Mauritius. Even if the country’s economic and political environment is stable, it is better to be vigilant and protect yourself. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises because let us not forget that no real estate transaction is without risk.

Choosing the right developer to invest safely

The first measure of protection to take before an investment is to ensure the seriousness, professionalism and reputation of a promoter. This means finding out about projects that have already been commercialized and completed by checking that they are real. This can be done very easily by consulting a portfolio of achievements and doing some research online or with specialists. At Diamond Estates, for example, we have been based in Mauritius for over 10 years and have already implemented several programs. By entrusting us with your real estate investment, you benefit from our experience and the knowledge of our experts. We also provide you with reliable and easily reachable customer service, which is also an important detail to establish a relationship of trust and to make investments with peace of mind.

Similarly, after finding a good developer, we advise you to find out about the project in which you are going to invest. The environment, for example, is a key element because it can generate added value and therefore make an investment profitable.

French investors protected by investment protection agreements

Investing also implies financial precautions. This is why it is necessary to contact professionals for fund transfers and to find out about the current tax situation. In Mauritius, you should also know that there are investment protection agreements applicable to French investors. The first was signed between both countries on March 22, 1973. It has recently been modernized to bring it into line with the other agreements concluded over the following decades and to further protect investors against expropriation. By imposing obligations on France and Mauritius, these texts offer legal protections and serious guarantees to investors to encourage them to invest in Mauritian real estate. These include the possibility of freely repatriating invested capital and profits generated, and compensation for losses in the event of exceptional events such as conflicts and riots.

Finally, it should be recalled that Mauritius and France have very good relations and have established several commercial and tourist partnerships. As a result, this country is one of the most suitable destinations for real estate investments. And there are currently several international commitments that also secure these operations. For example, the country is a member of the World Trade Organization, the Commonwealth and La Francophonie.

For further information on these existing protections for real estate investments in Mauritius, we invite you to join our team.