5 good reasons to come and spend your retirement in Mauritius

5 good reasons to come and spend your retirement in Mauritius

Mauritius is not only a favourite destination for holidaymakers looking for a little piece of paradise to rest and have a good time. It is also attracting more and more retired people, who do not hesitate to come and live here (provided they obtain a residence permit). And they are right to do so, because it has many attractions, both natural and fiscal. With its reputation for economic and legal stability, Mauritius has become the dream place where one can live a serene retirement and fully enjoy it. And if you still doubt it, here are 5 good reasons that should convince you!

A very pleasant climate and a good quality of life

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is blessed with a tropical climate, i.e. mild and sunny all year round. This makes it possible to be outside very often and to benefit from the many hobbies and activities available, such as kitesurfing, fishing, diving, golf, hiking and swimming for example. The scenery is really beautiful with white sandy beaches, lagoons and lush natural sites such as tropical gardens. Life here is peaceful yet dynamic, which is perfect for retirement as the locals are very friendly and speak French.

A lower cost of living than in France

Another advantage ( especially when you’re retired) is better purchasing power. Indeed, the cost of daily living is lower than in France. For example, the price of local food is very affordable (fruit, vegetables and fish in particular), as are personal services and leisure activities. Some products, which are highly taxed in France, are also more accessible (fuel and cigarettes). As a result, retirees can enjoy themselves more.

Cultural richness, one of the Island’s assets

The other feature of Mauritius is its cultural diversity, which is very enriching. Various religious monuments (e.g. mosques, Christian churches and Hindu temples) stand side by side in harmony. During the year, many cultural events are organized and Mauritian gastronomy is a delicious mix of several flavours, inspired by Creole, African, Chinese and European cuisines among others.

Quite an advantageous tax system for foreign pensioners

Leaving France to spend your retirement in this territory also gives you the opportunity to benefit from some tax advantages. Among them, the free movement of capital applied by the Mauritian State, the stability of the local currency, the income tax rate which is fixed (15%) and the absence of taxes on capital gains, dividends, inheritance, donation and wealth. Pensioners are also exempt from General Social Contribution, housing and property taxes. For the French, the principle of no double taxation is in force thanks to the bilateral tax treaty signed between Mauritius and France. Overall, taxation is really attractive.

Modern, state-of-the-art and innovative infrastructures

Finally, the last good reason for choosing to live in Mauritius after retirement is the quality of the infrastructure. Despite its small size, it has innovative, high-quality facilities such as hospitals, schools, shopping centres, a well-developed road network, an airport with good air connections and investment-friendly property programmes.

Are you won over? Don’t hesitate, choose Mauritius for your retirement! And to find out more, you can contact our team for more information and get details on the status of foreign retirees in Mauritius.