An attractive place for business with an incomparable art de vivre. The perfect opportunity to invest in Mauritius.

Mauritius is popular amongst tourists for its sandy beaches and unspoilt nature. However, it has been attracting many investors in recent years. Those seeking to invest in Mauritius are particularly drawn by the island’s dynamic economy and attractive tax law regarding real estate investment. Mauritius fiscal advantages presents a wide array of opportunities to invest judiciously in Mauritius.
  • Income from a Mauritian source cannot be taxed in countries with which Mauritius has signed a non-double tax treaty

  • There’s no capital gains on profits of the property when it is sold at a later stage.

  • A tax band of 15% on income up to Rs 3.5 millions.

  • No tax on dividends

  • French investors are exempted from paying the ISF on properties that they own in Mauritius.

  • No inheritance duties.

  • No property tax or council tax

    The Mauritian government has set up a Property Development Scheme (PDS). This scheme enables foreign investors to purchase freehold property on the island. PDS projects incorporate luxurious villas and apartments, completely enclosed and secured. These properties usually have access to several services such as a gym, a spa, a club house, a commercial space among others. Such tailor-made services together with a wide range of amenities and all the Mauritius fiscal advantages, have enable Mauritius to position itself as a sought-after destination among investors worldwide.
    PDS projects remain by far the ideal solution for foreigners wishing to invest in Mauritius through property acquisition. Investors buying PDS properties will be granted permanent residence permit. The condition is that the property’s price should be USD 375,000 and above. This facility will be extended to their dependents (partner and children) as well. Foreign investors are required to apply to the Board of Investment. It is important to note that outside of the PDS scheme, foreign investors can make the acquisition of apartments (up to ground + 2) on freehold lands. In this case, they will not be granted a residence permit.