Investing in Mauritius: what are the benefits ?

Investing in Mauritius: what are the benefits ?

Lulled by the waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is renowned for its idyllic landscapes, white sandy beaches and beautiful lagoons. But the Island is not only ideal for a sunny holiday. It also has serious assets that make it a popular destination for investors. Its economy, diversified, is rather prosperous and dynamic. And for several years, the Mauritian government has been implementing a policy of opening up the property market to non-Mauritians, foreigners and expatriates. In this way, you can invest in a property on the Island while benefiting from a really attractive tax system.. Among the programs currently in effect is the PDS or Property Developpement Scheme.

Thanks to this regime, foreign investors can buy a villa or apartment within a fully owned residence.






Tourist advantages and a context favourable to investments.

Mauritius being a touristic destination, the rental demand is elevated, especially in high season. If you buy an apartment or a villa to invest in, you will easily find renters, especially if you choose the right geographical location. With superb natural sites, such as Île aux Cerfs, parks and botanical gardens, it appeals to hikers, water sports and scuba diving enthusiasts and families. Thus, every year, it attracts a large number of tourists.

Similarly, this island state is characterised by its political context favourable to property investments: parliamentary democracy, stable country, respect for civil liberties, excellent international reputation, independence of the judicial system, regulated framework for the acquisition of housing, modern infrastructures, etc… Important data that is reassuring for investors and helps to secure a purchase. In addition, in this country where it is a pleasant place to live and invest, the property market has developed in recent years and offers great opportunities, particularly for foreign investors.

Tax advantages, attractive for investors.

By choosing Mauritius for your property investment, you also benefit from an attractive tax system (especially when compared to France). First of all, you have to know that the tax rate is rather low: 15% for taxes on rental income. There is no double taxation with France, no property or housing taxes.

On the island, no taxes are paid on dividends and capital gains either. In the event of resale of a property for example, this is a real advantage!

Secondly, there is no inheritance tax. And when you know the rates in France, it makes you think.

Then, for French investors who own a Mauritian property, there is another attractive measure: a total exemption from property tax (IFI).

Finally, in the case of the acquisition of a PDS residence for a price of 500,000 USD or more, buyers benefit from a residence permit, also allocated to their dependents ( a partner and children under 24 years of age).

If you are interested in investing in Mauritius or have any questions about the schemes developed by the Mauritian government, please do not hesitate to contact our team! We are at your disposal to inform you and support you in your project.