How to buy an apartment in Mauritius from France ?

How to buy an apartment in Mauritius from France ?

In Mauritius, it is possible for a French national to become the owner of a property. This helps diversifying assets, having a base on the island and investing while benefiting from tax advantages. But there are conditions. Indeed, to buy an apartment from France, you have to follow a procedure. The accommodation chosen must comply with the legal framework of the Property Development Scheme (PDS) or be located in a building of more than 2 floors above the ground floor (the price of the property must be at least 150,000€). Thus, this investment is made within a precise administrative and legal framework. Therefore, be vigilant when searching and prioritize a real estate developer located in Mauritius or someone who has a thorough knowledge of the Mauritian territory, such as our company. This will avoid disappointments and allow you to invest in compliance with local applicable regulations.

Acquiring real estate under the PDS legal regime

Today, and since 2015, only one real estate acquisition law applies to foreign nationals. This is the Property Development Scheme, which merges the former IRS and RES schemes. The PDS was established to facilitate real estate investment by foreign nationals, while protecting the island and local communities. This scheme concerns high-end housing such as luxury apartments or villas in residences offering infrastructure (swimming pool, sports hall for example) and services (maintenance work, security, cleaning, etc.). And above all, it allows you to invest in Mauritian real estate in a more responsible way since this regime imposes social and ecological rules on developers. For example, projects developed under the PDS scheme must be in perfect harmony with nature.

At Diamond Estates, our RES properties meet the criteria of the PDS scheme and therefore allow you to purchase an apartment or villa from France, in accordance with the procedures.

Discover our current projects for remote investment in France !

By contacting our team, you have the opportunity to purchase accommodation in Mauritius while staying in France. Established for more than 10 years in the region, our real estate development company will assist you in your project. We currently have 2 prestigious RES programs to offer you. The purchasing procedure and the issuance of the residence permit will be carried out between our company (the developer), the notary and the local authorities, thus securing your operation.

If you are interested, you can check our offers on our website or contact us for a brochure or additional information. Our experts are also at your disposal to answer your questions about the formalities to be carried out to buy an apartment in Mauritius and to advise you. We also help you with the formalities by specifying the supporting documents to be provided for your file. Fully familiar with the specificities of the RES and PDS schemes, we can guide you through the process, explain the advantages and conditions set for you to benefit from them.