The expat life in Mauritius

The expat life in Mauritius

Each year, the island of Mauritius attracts more and more French citizens. In fact, more than 10 000 French have chosen to establish themselves on this island in the Indian Ocean, which offers several advantages to expatriates, beyond its paradise aspect known by the world. Whether for retirement or for a job, it is not surprising that European families choose to move to this small island.

The Mauritian culture

Mauritius, with its 1.3 million inhabitants, is a country rich in culture thanks to its population of various origins and religions. The Indo-Mauriciens, Sino-Mauriciens, Creole, and Blanc-Mauriciens coexist peacefully on the island. The local culture represents this diversity, thanks to a multitude of facets:


English is the official language in Mauritius and is mainly used in formal contexts (administration, law, parliament, etc.). Mauritian Creole is the mother tongue of the Mauritians. It is the most used language by the Mauritian population for oral communication and is very easy to learn, especially for the French. The French language is also commonly used by the Mauritian population, allowing an easy expatriation.


Holi Mauritius

There is a great respect for traditions and customs in Mauritius. This is reflected in the public holidays which are dedicated to several Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Chinese festivals. The Mauritians cling to the values they have inherited from their ancestors from different horizons.


cuisine mauricienne

There is a very wide variety of dishes in Mauritius, and recipes have been influenced by more than 300 years of history. This rich cuisine is mainly derived from the gastronomic styles of French, Indian, Chinese and African countries. Herbs and spices are generally used in the recipes, but there is also a wide choice of meals for those who are not very fond of spicy food. There are also hot peppers, mazavarou (chili paste) or chutneys to accompany the meals.

The cost of living in Mauritius

One of the main factors that attract the French in Mauritius is certainly the affordable cost of living. The value of the Mauritian rupee is very low compared to the euro (€ 1 = approximately Rs 40). This already allows French citizens to have an important financial advantage during their expatriation on the island.

Living in Mauritius is not a big challenge thanks to the many housing options, a relatively low transport cost, and the food that is sold at a reasonable price. However, for expatriates who wish to have a better quality of life and/or who have a family, prepare to spend at least € 2 500 per month, but this budget takes into account the transportation, the education of children and leisure costs.

Investing in real estate in Mauritius

ocean legend

This option is popular with foreigners who wish to enjoy their retirement in a paradisiacal framework or wish to have a second house to spend their holidays. The “Property Development Scheme” is available to foreigners who wish to acquire a property in Mauritius.

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