Tax in Mauritius

Tax in Mauritius

Investing in Mauritius is more interesting than investing in many other places because of its tax system. There are a lot of tax benefits in Mauritius:

  • Income tax not exceeding 15%
  • No taxes on the capital gain
  • No inheritance
  • No residential taxes or property taxes
  • Agreement to avoid double taxation with 37 countries

The dynamism of Mauritius is due to the entrepreneurial drive of its citizens as well as the provision of capital and know-how of foreign residents. This cosmopolitan mixture enables the country to have boom and a strong position on the market in the whole world. This dynamic is facilitated by a low tax.

For another year, the island of Mauritius has again been positioned among the 10 most interesting destinations in the world concerning the level of taxation. Taxation is one of the essential aspects of the attractiveness of a country, and the island of Mauritius is an excellent example. The tax policy of this country is very attractive, with low costs and very little taxes, which attract investors and foreigners. Historically, Mauritius has always been a favorable environment that attracts local entrepreneurs and foreigners who wish to create or develop their business.

Can we, therefore, talk about a tax haven, or an ideal country for tax exemption and offshore companies? No, says Jean-Jacques Lecat, associated lawyer, and president of the legal and fiscal commission CIAN. This is due to the transparency and cooperation, demonstrated by the Mauritian authorities, which reassure the international control systems.

Mauritius has some specific characteristics of tax havens, yet the control of the Mauritian authorities on these foreign companies prevents the country from falling into the list of countries which are officially recognized as tax havens. So, in order to obtain a license on the ground, the Mauritian companies must prove their contribution to the economy of the country.

Mauritius is now regarded as a dynamic country with a thriving economy. The tax optimization strategy of the country is effective, which makes it a first choice concerning the development of a business.

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