6 reasons to visit Mauritius in 2018

6 reasons to visit Mauritius in 2018

Why Mauritius?

6 raisons de visiter Maurice en 2018

Stunning weather

One of the reasons as to why Mauritius Island remains a luxury holidays appeal to travellers all around the world is because of its nice and stunning weather. In fact, this is the perfect venue for all those interested in being a part of indoor and outdoor activities.


6 raisons de visiter Maurice en 2018

Anyone thinking about Mauritius instantly sees the Island’s endless miles of dazzling beaches, protected by coral reefs. And they are absolutely right! Mauritius has spectacular coasts with beaches of distinct personalities. The calmest are found on the west coast. In the south and east however, they are perfect for windsurfing.

L’île Maurice, terre de métissage

Multicultural vibe

Mauritius is a vibrant cultural mix. The fusion of culture and tradition of Asian, Indian, European and of course African is one of the Island’s biggest charms.


The Locals

The Mauritian population is known for its welcoming spirit. Proud of their island, Mauritians are happy to help tourists make the most it during their stay. Friendly and accessible, they will not hesitate to go out of their way to help you out finding your route or to share a meal. Thanks to them, you holiday is going to be one to be remembered.6 raisons de visiter Maurice en 2018

Exclusive real estate market

More than just a mere holiday destination, Mauritius is also known for its dynamic prime real estate market. In fact, the numerous villas nested on the seaside and exclusive apartments and penthouses attract hundreds of foreign investors each year.

Attracting tax policy

Mauritius boasts an attracting tax policy as the country applies a tax band of 15% on income up to Rs 3.5 millions. Furthermore, there is no tax on dividends and no capital gains on profits of the property when it is sold at a later stage. It should be noted that there is no inheritance duties nor property tax or council tax.

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