Everything you need to know on car rentals in Mauritius

Everything you need to know on car rentals in Mauritius

We do not provide car rental services, but we strongly recommend you to rent a vehicle if you plan to visit many attractions in Mauritius and immerse yourself in the local life. However, there are some information that you need to know. Here’s everything you need to know before you rent a car in Mauritius.

Mauritius is a small country, but it has a road network of a reliable 2066 kilometres. Of course, it is prohibited to use a mobile phone while driving, and the consumption of alcohol is also strictly prohibited. A substantial fine and a risk of imprisonment awaits you if you violate these laws. If you plan to go to a party at night or if you are a heavy user of a telephone, it is preferable to employ a Driver.

Driving is on the left and most of the traffic signs are displayed in English and in French. It is also recommended that the driver has a driving license with a minimum of 1 year of driving experience. This is the reason for which many car rental companies in Mauritius require a minimum age of 21 years to rent a car. Renting a vehicle can be very practical. If you want to explore the island or if you enjoy driving on vacation, the rental of cars is the ideal solution.

Although you may find a few good business on the rental of cars in Mauritius, we recommend that you pay attention to the ads that promise you a vehicle for 15 euros per day, because you often need to add the costs of paperwork, insurance, and mileage. In addition, you know that in general, the more the Agency is known, the less you will have problems. For example, in the event of a fault, it will be difficult to obtain a replacement vehicle if there is not an Agency to cover you in a radius of 50 km.

Choosing a good vehicle


the choice to rent a car is different from the purchase of a car, but there are a few similarities. The categories of car models are designated by the letters of the alphabet A, B, C, D and so on. Category A being the most small car of the fleet and the category I can be a crossover SUV. Make sure you read the details so that you are not be surprised if the vehicle ordered is not the model available but another of the same category.


You must of course take account of your budget, but also the number of passengers! Be aware, however, that the difference in price between the two categories may be very small, so do not deprive yourself. That said, you should also take note that the vehicles most economic are the small Japanese cars such as Nissan, Suzuki and other such as Hyundai. The price of gasoline is about 2 € per liter in Mauritius. We recommend you to choose a small vehicle. Why? Because the coastal roads are generally narrow and in general the Mauritian roads are not made for fast cars.


During the delivery of the vehicle, you receive the car with a full tank and you must also return with the tank full. In other words, you pay only what you have consumed.

If this is the condition, the tenant will have to check before you that the tank is full. If you do not return the vehicle with a full tank, the fuel missing will be invoiced by the renter, plus the cost of service: attention, the note may increase rapidly in this case!

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