Five affordable countries where to retire

Five affordable countries where to retire

Where you do wish to retire? 

Retiring under exotic latitudes. That’s exactly what an increasing number of French pensioners do each year. If all eyes are turned to Portugal, other destinations have started to stand out either for their quality of life or for their advantageous fiscal legislation. Let’s take the opportunity to focus on the five best destinations around the world.


Nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius Island has been attracting foreign pensioners in recent years. They settle in, reassured by the country’s political stability, its French speaking population, its favourable climate and its white sand beaches. There are a number of rich pensioners who have acquired luxurious villas to enjoy life on the exotic island.


Thanks to its warm climate and affordable cost of living, Portugal remains one of the most popular destinations for pensioners wishing to benefit from a “European way of life”. According to several studies, one of the main attracting elements is the fact that pensioners coming from the private sector are exempted from tax for the first ten years. It is no surprise then that Portugal is regularly ranked first polls on this issue.


Quite surprisingly, Thailand, despite its unstable political environment, attracts an increasing number of pensioners each year. The reasons resides in its crystal clear beaches, its long lasting traditions and if affordable living. When one knows that a couple only needs about 1 000 euros monthly – including the house rental – to live comfortably, one can understand why Thailand is so attracting to pensioners.


This exotic destination cummulates all the attracting features: a geographical proximity to France, an affordable cost of living a French speaking population, the legendary hospitality of Moroccans and a favourable fiscal legislation. Just as many arguments which have convinced thousands of pensioners who chose to set up there. In addition, Morocco is quite attractive due to its beautiful weather all year long and its rich cultural heritage. The only problem is that the country suffers from the negative image due to insecurity in surrounding countries.


Pensioners opting for Spain are usually those who do not wish to settle too far away from their families in France If the cost of living is somewhat similar to the one is France, it is the real estate marker price tag which is particularly attractive to pensioners. Moreover, the public infrastructures as well as the health system which are similar to those in France remain the main reasons that attract them in this country.

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