The East, land of contrasts

The East, land of contrasts

Land of contrasts with history

With its landscape filled with history, its legendary beaches and its luxurious hotels, the Eastern coast is definitely worth a detour. Along the coastline, stretching from Poste Lafayette to Trou d’Eau Douce, there is a string of ten of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels on the island. The lagoon is of a deep blue and the continuous movement of the waves makes it an ideal place for a swim: the sea is neither too calm nor too tumultuous. The volcanic rocks confer a natural charm to the place and several hotels have made the most of these natural creeks to give more intimacy to their complex. Although the perfect place to go for vacation, the East region is neglected by the foreigners because of the lack of trades and animations.

Arriving at Trou d’Eau Douce, we are struck by its authenticity. The fisherman’s village enjoys its proximity with l’île aux Cerfs and theTouessrok hotel. L’île aux Cerfs is world renown for its pristine waters and its water sport. It is a very popular site among tourists and locals for excursions. Boats come and go between the mainland and the island all day long during peak periods. The island’s golf course, which stretches over 38 acres, attracts thousands of players each year. And it is not rare to see some famous faces practicing their swing.

L’Est, terre de contrastesGoing down South, Vieux Grand Port’s village is one of the island’s localities which is the most pregnant with history. The region is pervaded with a naval past which has left its vestiges all along the way. History lovers will come across the Batterie de la Pointe du Diable, the first settlements made by the Dutch. This locality is particularly known for the famous naval battle opposing the French and the British, which ended with a French victory in the bay of Vieux Grand Port.

L’Est, terre de contrastesFrom the shelter of Montagne du Lion, which is 480 meters high, you can also discover the estates deep inland and make the most of numerous activities offered at Domaine de l’Etoile.



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