Discover the south of Mauritius

Discover the south of Mauritius

Breathtaking landscapes and full of vibrant colours

When you head to the south, what strikes you is the scenery with its colors and the special feel of the environment. This region, stretching itself from Mahebourg to Le Morne, from one point to the other, is exceptional. From small coastal villages to the township, the coast is wild and the open sea is never far off.

You will discover another aspect of the island which hides its treasures jealously. Compared to the North of the island, the South lacks public infrastructures and remains untouched. It should be noted that it winds during winter, which is between June and September.



Mahebourg remains a perequisite for anyone wishing to discover the soul of the South of the island. The village, which is of historic importance to the inhabitants, still displays a colonial arrangement with its neat roads all leading to sea front.

The coastal village attracts numerous visitors wishing to wander in its colourful market, which is also a melting pot where locals and foreigners meet each other.

Next to the market are nestled motels and restaurants where authentic Mauritian seafood-based dishes are prepared by local chefs.

Mahebourg has, over the years, known how to keep its authenticity while becoming a commercial hub for neighboring villages. One only has to walk round to enjoy the breathtaking view on the Pass Island, Fouquet’s Island or the Lighthouse Island., that can be visited.

Pointe d’Esny 


A few kilometers away, one can come across the holiday resort of Pointe d’Esny, which nestles the island’s main marine park. Situated in the middle of Ile aux Deux Cocos, the public beach of Blue Bay and the Shandrani hotel, the marine park stretches itself on 353 hectares.

Visitors, equipped with fins, a mask and a snorkel, can discover around forty species of corals among which the well-known mushroom and cauliflower.

The marine park is strictly protected by the local authorities.

Aigrette Island

Right in front of the Preskil Hotel is the Aigrette Island that can be visited. A stroll on this charming little piece of land enables visitors to take a look at the numerous animal species that have taken refuge there.

The luxuriant vegetation moreover shelters rare vegetal species like the “Bois Chandelle” or the “Bois de Boeuf”. And if you are lucky enough, you might come across the famous “pigeon des mares”.

Not far away can be found Ilot Fortier, which boasts an exclusive surroundings where one can own a luxurious villas on the beach. One such example is the prestigious residence Zilo, whose 7 bright apartments with impeccable finishes offer absolute tranquility and magnificent panoramic views of the sea, in the heart of a preserved natural sanctuary.

The South definitely holds quite a number of charming surprises for those who love to wander around.

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